Saturday, September 22, 2007

what this is all about

la colle is a zine about collage! The name comes for the French word for glue. It all started about two years ago in a town with one stoplight...

It comes out at least once a year, sometimes twice. Anyone is welcome to submit a collage. Any person who submits a collage receives a free issue. la colle includes collages from across the United States (and sometimes abroad) as well as information and reviews about collage exhibitions and related info. It usually only costs a few dollars to purchase- additional information is available by contacting me. To date three issues have been published and the fourth is nearing completion.

So how does a zine fit with a blog? It seemed like a blog would be helpful in getting the word out about la colle to a larger audience. Collages or info in the zine will not necessarily appear here, but calls for collages, info about issues and how to purchase them, as well as random tidbits about collage will likely appear here.

Back to the zine. The next issue has a theme of music. Here was the call for submissions sent out earlier this summer:

Since it is summer and it has been a while since the last issue of my little collage zine la colle came out it seems like this is the time to ask for more collages!

Since there have been quite a few issues already I thought this one could be a little different. Perhaps a theme. Perhaps a theme of music. No, not perhaps, definitely. Definitely a theme of music.

Since the theme of music is a large one the ways that collages adhere to it can also be broad.

Since people sometimes think or tell me but I'm not creative I can't make a collage, I realized that while people may have similar thoughts about making music (I can't sing), they likely sing to songs in their car. Since sometimes when people who can't sing do, the result can be a good thing (it can be bad too but we won't go into that). Following this line of thinking whether you sing in your car or not making a collage is actually quite easy, so I ask you to make one.

Back to the theme- music. Think musicians, think instruments, think I play in a band so that makes anything I touch about music. Think about Dolly Parton. Think about Linder whose photomontage graced the cover of a Buzzcocks's single. Think about Mingering Mike who also partly inspired this idea- he made his own albums from cardboard (ok not collage, but he could have used it)- Think about Christian Marclay who has used collage in many ways- a few examples of his works using album covers can be seen here

In addition to collages that have something to do with music, it would be great to come up with a list of album covers that reproduce collage or photomontage works. So send those too.

The format for la colle is 8 1/2 x 14 paper folded in half reproduced in photocopy. If you submit a collage you received a free copy of la colle. Send a hi-res scan/image (300 dpi) to my yahoo account, juliejeanus

Get those scissors, glues, images, start staring at those record covers and get to it!
Tell your friends- the more the merrier!
julie jean